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(hook: shy glizzy)
Burr burr burr my ice is colder
Young nigga i ain't gettin' out the rover
I came in here with 50 soldiers
We got 50 bitches on the sofa
It's a fuckin' celebration
They hatin' cuz a young nigga done made it
It's a fuckin' celebration
They hatin' cuz a young nigga done made it

(verse 1: shy glizzly)
All this cash and they can't take it
I ain't even have no graduation
This og got me levitatin'
I forgot to take my medication
Your bitch, she wanna give me top
I'll have she ducked cuz i won't beat the box
Go get my cuban out the freezer box
If they shoot the glock, just like a red fox
Ace of spades, tell your bitch to come this way
Pistols in the body, do you wanna play?
You won't see a million niggas under me
I'm chasin' the millions just like money mike

(hook: shy glizzy)
(verse 2: bobby shmurda)
Bobby but my last name shmurda
Since '08, bitch, we've been bangin' burners
Baby bro fightin' and took the shmurdas
Free lil flock, he put that s in shmurda (shhh, bow)
Drop that body, then it's adios
I see you fuckers like he gotta go
Don't fuck with me, i smoke a lotta dope
Come fuck with us, we get a lotta dough
Get so much pussy, gotta time it slow
I'm gettin' pussy from the finest hoes
It's too much texts, i'm replyin' slow
If you ain't tryna fuck, well bitch geronimo
(hook: shy glizzy)

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