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Shane Dawson

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"y'all motherfuckas need jesus"
"hey y'all! what do you think of facebook?"
"i wish i was allowed to use the n word sometimes"
"saw a guy riding a scooter wearing a neck brace"

"an abortion can cost a ballin nigga up to 50 g's ...
(maybe 100)"
Oh "why is everyone in such a panic about the hurricane
... (i'm calling it sally?)

"if its wrong to have ranch dressing for breakfast,
Then i don't want to be right"
"the fact that rosie o'donnell knows who i am ... best
Feeling ever"
Celebrity tweets, yeah

"watching 'cash cab' and these questions are so hard!"
"i really like thursday too. just accept that!"

Oh, "arrrgh tweet tweet mudda fukkkaaa arrrrgh
"no, no i didn't go to england i went to london!"

"can-mutha-fucka-say fuck up on here?!!?"
"back in the studio ... uh oh!"
"eating dinner who else in this world is hungry!?"
"@chrisbrown wanna meet?"
Celebrity tweets, yeah

Oh wee oh "naptime was awesome!"
Oh wee oh "i'm driving right now"

"you know they have muffins where you can only have the
"they need to figure out how to do that with

Not really sure how to fell about this , or this, or
This, or this.
"if i'm not following you on twitter that means i hate
Celebrity tweets
Celebrity tweets, yeah
Celebrity tweets

(said): "another tough workout this morning. so sore!
What's everyone else up to today??"
"... working at my job.

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