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I turned myself unto myself
And asked myself who you are
Well, you made me
But what do i love
When i'm with you
I wonder where your tounge has been
Before you tasted mine
But you'll never let me know
I've been bad and i have sinned
But you'll never let me go...

I've done sone grim things
I'vedone really bad things
But i'll never let you know
It's you that i love
In sleep when i'm awake
I won't think as long as you don't

I wonder where your lips have been
Before they tasted mine
Where have your lips been tonight?
You've wrapped a ring around my neck and
You'll never let me go

Do you think of me- do you think of me?
Do you think of me when you are in me?
I just want to know think i ought to know
What you fell

Do you turn on me - do you turn on me?
Do you turn on me like i turn on you?
Don't play tricks on me- don't you lie to me
Anwser me

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