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Steel Train

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Date de parution : 04/03/2008

Durée : 0:04:27

Style : Rock

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And i'd rather watch a sunset
Through cellophane and glass
Then ask just why we fly

So why you gotta rock the boat?
Ain't it time for you to choke my love

So keep one eye open
What you see ain't what you got
Ain't what you got, no

I sold my hay
To a man with a master plan
To run the world that i ran from

Last time i had left you
This time i'm leaving true
In a quest to lose it all

Even these empty hands
Can hold the way to your promise land
And my soul, mind
And body will render the crime

So why you gotta be so cruel?
You used me like a tool
It will never fix our love, no, no


I know that it's time to give it all up
When it all so corrupt
And i'm torn from child and lust

Time sublime when pain's a rhyme
I know you thought
Them stars would align for you
Oh, but beauty is my love

So keep one eye open
Keep that eye open
And keep them eyes open
'cause what you see ain't what you
It ain't what you got


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