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Date de parution : 31/01/2014

Durée : 0:04:21

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Doom from the realm of el-ca-loom
Smelly gel fume
Separating cell womb
To melle-mel, boom!
Revelations in braille
Respiration, inhale
View nations fail and
Shaking of a snake tail
Make due
Blazing swords, trace the haze
Praise the lord, saving grace
Lace your broad, she say she bored
A crazy straw, ink and stale-dried parrafin
Candy corn crap rappers pale by comparison
A bad samaritan averaging above average men
Rancid (rance) havin' ramblin', savages scavagin
For scraps, perhaps road kill, if that
Gift of gab and he flow ill, chrome stiff hat
Note for writing lightnin' tight lines
Cheef and beef and bein' off deep ends, divine bright shines even
Dimes quiet as minds by design, mighty fine
Slight rewind, tightly bind, blind lead blind
Need minds now, that was this is then
Listenin' to sizzlin' officialtons whisperin' him again
Metal face spinster playin' with the dirty money
Sinister, don't know what he sayin' but the words be funny
Major vets spaded through the vest with a bayonet
Save your breath, gave a f, pay your debt, they forget
Make 'em sweat bullets, crime pays no benefits
Then it gets wilder with more childish and degenerates

Yodel at your uncle flows
My motorcycle trunk fulls
From two one to one, loose crumbs to chumps in bundles
Hands down
Better than what your mans used to get
Standing around for where the translucent lucid spit
Missin wheel, you don't listen, you a feel head
Sittin in the kitchen, pissin' twitchin', kissin' steel lead
Crime pays, no dental nor medical
Unless you catch retirement
County, state, or federal
Ya heard like roaring waters in a seashell
If a tree fell, you couldn't tell from 3 cell
Be real careful, they tellin' by the earful
Kids doing skid bids, acting out is terrible
Word is bond, fix your clothes
Put a shirt on
Pants sagging back when used to meant you had a skirt on
Squirts posin' as thuggers and hustlers
El eloh closer than y'alls ball huggers and jugglers


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