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Creeper Lagoon

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Date de parution : 07/04/2009

Durée : 0:04:44

Style : Rock

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Warden, you've traded your canopy for land downtown
You shouldn't be fooling around, colds in town.
Trying to release himself from the past.

Case closed, your building will last forever
While growing bouqettes in the ground.
Flame songs sung in the key of life
Phantom power rescuing you.
Looking anew with centipede eyes,
Questioning yourself with coloured lies you loose...loose.
Trying to release yourself from the past.

Frightened blades on the eastern front,
Surrender to the common man who buried you.
Found out today, i got a call your plane has wrecked
You've lost it all on the red sea.
I threw the phone against the wall,
I can't give up i must stand tal or i'll loose...loose.
Trying to release myself from the past.

I thought all was crazy, but i was just lazy,
The shape was a phantom i wanted to ask her.
Does everything fall short and what is it all for?
She sat with me all night and vanished in sunlight.

Warm fur fields...

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