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Drop me off at 66, emerging from the wilderness
The feel of freedom overwhelmed me
I wandered lonely, looking up
Thinking of the space that i took up
In my relationship with all apparent dimensions
I cut across the central park, 45 hours of light and dark
I had to make the most of them and
The problem's just like in the films with frozen
Given in a glaze of haze of snow and smog and my bad eyesight so
I killed an hour by going to see john lennon's house
And where he got away from me and you and nothing's real
I took a cab from west to east and men did wrong
I walked and slipped and slide across the ice and feel the trees then
I bumped into a girl i knew, wearing black and singing songs
We both knew were about me and a deeper found regret
The time is wrong, i'd set it fast,
She said she knew i left her up in harlem after crushing cigarettes


I want to be alone with you
I want to do the things you do
You always do

Feeling deeply shaken and then breaking my own rule
I went into a tiki bar on 1st avenue
Writing in a notebook and being very english
I attracted the attentions of a real couple
They asked me if i'd join them to society engagements
So i answered that i would and then we split
They lived around the corner,
I heard something about a dress and plastic costumes and then something about a duchess
The shop was such a trip, i spent an hour flipping taxis
Got big shout with a man called captain bodybag

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