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This time away, brings me even closer
So much to say, i've been thinking over
All the things, you do to make me smile
I see your face, around every corner
Each passing day, it's a little longer
Can't fall asleep, so i count the miles

As sure, as the sun going down
I'll always be around
I'll always be around

I'm afraid, of living here without you
My years were made, to wrap my life around you
When i'm away, our souls are tied

As sure, as the waves crash to the shore
I'll always be yours
I'll always be yours, oh...
Oh oh oh oh

I'm in the dark, and there's a light that's shining
In central park, where all the ghosts are hiding
This city spark starts to fade

As sure, as there are stars up above
You'll always be loved

And as sure, as gravity pulling us down
I'll always be around
I'll always be around

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