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Date de parution : 01/02/2009

Durée : 0:06:02

Style : Rock

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Central station hustle, every place i've been
Sometimes it runs me down
Takes a friend to show the right place to go
When your hights are runnin' low

French parfum and long cigarette
Whiskey sours at 'the dugout', how can i forget
She cast her spell on the moment we met
By the light of the pinball - machine
'nobody's perfect', lonely harry said
Things love can do to the mind
Oh but i wouldn't listen, i was out-a-head,
As i drifted away in a dream

Spent all my money, those nights together.
Whispers of love and promises forever
A lipstick message on the mirror saying:
'it could never' was the last i ever seen of her.
Me and alphonso spent all night talking.
Sometimes it's hard, you gotta stand on your feet.
Why not forget it, you've passed it
It was fun while it lasted.
Heaven's waitin'for you just down the street.

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