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Michael Reich

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Date de parution : 29/06/2003

Durée : 0:04:12

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Century man

The sun came up just like it always does
Shine down bright on the town
Somewhere in between the violence and the greed
Love was trying hard to gain some ground
Nobody paid attention no one did see
The writing there on the wall
The virgin mary sheds another tear
Traffic is slowing to a crawl

And you wonder if you will be forgiven
For that hole that you left in the sky
What will remain for your children
Other than to cry
Century man

Down by the river where the big turbines whine
Their passing out potassium iodide
Thanks for your concern but dont you mean to say
Somewhere along the line somebody lied
Standing on top of all youve achieved
Looking for the measure of your worth
Is it animals extinct water you cant drink
Or buildings to cover up the earth

It keeps on getting harder to turn the other cheek
When controversy is howling at your door
Whats bad is good whats good is bad
I guess it doesnt matter anymore
A nasty wind is blowing out of the east
Cold enough to give you the chills
The good samaritan just got sued
Im westbound and headed for the hills

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