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Its a yucky ya!
Undress the clown!
Dont listen, on your way
No way, you got away
A lion fucking pulling chains
In a cloud, angels show
Make way, whatcha got wrong
I let it go too loud
I realize, guards our peas
Chains and shackles
Boo hoo hoo when it said woah
Not getting rawr!
Fuck you you're constipated
Not getting better yoo hoo
Fuck you dont take the elevator
You're going down yo yo yo
You're gonna die, on a cloud
No fighting on the couch
Hit by a train right in the face
Why in the world are you happy?
You're sticky on a plate
Oh listen turn this tv up around
Dont die, you're a she tat!
Chains and shackles
Boo hoo hoo run the motha fuckin track
You're a mutcha fuckin lie
Fuck you you stupid say dee
I dare you you you
Fuck you you're late for say dee
Let the devil go go yo
Im gonna kick you awake cuz you're on me
Ra ra ra ra ra
I fuckin dare you
Fuck you you're late for say dee
Fuck yo ra ya ha
I dont give a fuck about you
Its all about yo yo yo
But im ha ha ha ha ha!

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