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Dreadful Shadows

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Date de parution : 15/08/2006

Durée : 0:05:26

Style : Heavy Metal

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Captured by time, i'm trying to move
But my limbs don't react. i've lost control
I'm so frail but i'm reaching the door
And i lean against, but it's closed

The fire will burn, no matter what i'm trying to do
And it seems that the flames are laughing
Figures all around, they're reaching for me
The play with me, a bloody game

And i'm tired now, i don't care anymore
'cos there is nothing i can do, nothing i could ever do
And my chains won't fall

My legs are burning and still there's no way out
No chance to escape
A last unbearable pain
And for a second i heard a voice

But i don't care anymore, i care for nothing anymore
I am insensitive now
My chains won't fall

I'll always be locked in this iron cage, where no key exist
I feel that something cuts my veins but they're dried up
I've lost all my sanity, i'm paralysed
But i don't care anymore, i care for nothing anymore
My chains won't fall

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