Paroles de Chains

Iris Isadora

pochette album Chains
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Date de parution : 27/01/2014

Durée : 0:03:02

Style : Contemporary Folk

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I walk for miles just to hear your voice
It isn't that i want to;
I don't have a choice
I see you made your way into my brain
I feel your hands take a hold of my chains

But i won't spend another night waiting for you to call
I won't get my hopes up high;
You always let them fall
I won't waste another smile hoping that you see me
I can't stand beneath these chains
So why don't you free me?

I drag my feet across the cold wet grass
Your words are stones and baby my heart is glass
I try to run
But the chains, they grow stronger
I know i can't do this for much longer

So no,
I won't spend another day hoping that you'll come around
Won't be searching for your love;
It's nowhere to be found
And if you're thinking i'll come easy
You've mistaken me
I won't stand beneath your chains
So i am breaking free