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Prayer For Cleansing

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Date de parution : 02/08/2011

Durée : 0:03:16

Style : Heavy Metal

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Springtime is sorrow, make love
Last until the heart is dead
Frost on the cracked glass, bleaching purity
Ride angel's wings into heaven,
Naked flesh a sick sight
Vomit into hair of sweat, feed
Myself on the lust of humanity
Devour orgasms of blood
Singing an ode of selfishness
Into a sea, putrid recognizance
A stench of sex so strong, taste
It on my tongue
Sweet poison caressing taste
Buds until death

Decay - corrode from the inside out
Rot, melt away - the coating of security

Now and forever, burns numbers in my head
Cum to my senses, turn back the clock thrice

Realization of desperation
Suffer virgin flesh - suffer loneliness
Together rode the wings of
Demons right into hell

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