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Such Handsome Silver

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Date de parution : 15/10/2011

Durée : 0:08:46

Style : Electronic

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Broken black hooves. smash across an old stone autumn path. the dead trees reaching out. to feed the devils ancient wrath. the gate is just ahead. with rusty chains and iron bars. will i make it through. i must cause ive come so far. my name is rider. i ride for love. for my princess locked away. in her tower above. in her chamber of roses. shes waiting for me. blowing kisses from her window. to my cheek. but castle walls are high. and im drunk with deep red wine. you see ive wandered off. ive been lost so many times. this lonely road is dark. and theres demons at every turn. ive wanted to give up. but my heart continues to burn. for i am the rider. who rides for her love. against this castle built between us. stained with our blood. in her chamber of roses. shes dreaming of me. wishing on every shooting star. that ill come to set her free. baby im sorry. im taking so long. just promise me youll never. stop holding
On. theres no room in my heart. for anyone but you. you are my girl. youre
The one i choose. but how to dry all your tears. i still dont know. we are not
Together. we are still all alone. have we done something wrong. is our past to
Blame. are we meant to live forever. in this cold place. though i am the rider. ive never found love. ive given all i have. but it has not been enough. in her chamber of roses. shes falling asleep. after a thousand lonely nights. her hearts begun to bleed. is this the end. for you and me. should we kiss goodbye. our favorite dream. when they told me true love. was just a lie. were they telling the truth. were they right. but i wont believe that. i wont let sorrow win. im gonna let what i believe. pick me up again. there is a happy ending. there is a sure way. to turn these empty nights. into sunny. days. baby you dont have. to cry anymore. ive found someone to help us. fight and win this war. his
Name is jesus christ. and he told me today. come and follow me. do not be
Afraid. and he is so strong. and mighty too. with him on our side. how can
We ever lose. so when you look out your window. tonight for me. know that gods bringin me to you. no matter what you see

Youre so far away. and im worried. that you wont wait for me do you believe. that im coming for you. and ill be there soon its our destiny. im countin on you. to be faithful. set your eyes on what you cant see do it for me. set your eyes on me. i know you cant see but you will someday. there really is hope. for the romance. that you wanted more than the whole world as a little girl. its an easy thing for the king of kings dont you know he loves you

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