Paroles de Champain

Cee Lo Green

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(verse 1)
I see all the lonely people to my left and to my right
And we've all one common interest and that's to not be alone tonight
Oh i could use your lovin'
That is why i came
And an interest brings her over
But to ensure she feels the same
Oh champain

Oh why won't you mean everything that you say
Turn me on, set me free, to run and play
When i'm with you, everything is okay
Champain, champain
Take me away

(verse 2)
Her beauty is bubbling over as we sit and socialize
And accidentally some gets on me, but there is no need to apologize
Oh, darling, please behave yourself or you will be the blame
It's not complicated
It's rather easy to explain
Oh, champain


Said baby, baby
Are you having fun?
Aw darling, darling
I think i found the one
Oh oh oh oh
Baby all i want to do
Is celebrate us
Here's a toast to me and you

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