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J Lethal

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She say she wanna do me, i tell her do what you wanna do
This girl right here is special, i don't think she's gonna meet the crew
Just me and you, just me and you, i tell the truth, i tell the truth, when i'm up in that pussy man i swear i feel aloof
Baby girl fuck with me because i am a champion, we fucking in the maybach and then lamping in the hamptons then
Don't like how i'm living, too bad, kick rocks, hit you dead on the money and watch your head drop
What's a peasant to a king, what's a king to a god, no need for the disguises, i'm seeing straight through your facade
All hail j lethal for the return of this real shit, i'm shitting on your whole life, how that make you feel bitch
My presence is a present, bitch enjoy, got money coming every hour in a convoy
And that's real shit nigga, i ain't telling tail fairies, i'ma keep on stacking paper 'til my wallet looking like a dictionary
And everybody on your team 'til you start to do bad, but then when you succeed that's when they start to kiss ass
But i was bred a real nigga, born and raised, repping detroit murder mitten until i see the grave
Now where that pussy at, i'm trying to rent it out, and we so 'bout it 'bout it, now what are you about?
Gucci belt, white hat, with a pair of black pants, open fire on your block, make you do the shooting dance
Smoking so much chronic, every song you hear i'm on it
My style is hard to replicate, my swag you cannot duplicate
I swear i go retarded but you niggas still be stupid fake, pockets on precious so i guess they gaining super weight
You say i'm not the best, then tell me who is, not these bubblegum rappers making music for these kids
And no that's not a diss, we don't play that over here, choppa hit your neck, leave your head hanging like a chandelier
Still hulk flexing riding with the smith & wesson
And them bullets speaking, got a secret, what i sow, i'ma reap it
Running, running shit, just like a running back, and i'm running into pussy just like i'm running track
If i talk it i live it, i'm the hottest in the city, got bout fifty racks down in my denim, i'ma spend it
What's pleasure with no pain, what's pain without pleasure
I'm chasing my dreams, i won't stop until i catch her
I'm that nigga, i'm that guy, promethazine cup, that's how i get by
Pockets feeling strong, yeah my stacks on olympian
And i don't need a pool 'cause your girl is what i'm swimming in
I said i go retarded but my flow is just autistic, keep on fucking with j lethal i'ma make you a statistic
My whole life revolve around money, weed, and hoes
They told 'em choose wisely, that's why i was chose
What more do i have to do, to prove that i'm a legend
Choppa hold fifty rounds, it's going to divide you by seven
I'm the illest my nigga, ain't a thing you can do about it
I'm standing at the top 'cause the bottom too crowded

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