Paroles de Change in the weather

Boland Jason

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Theres been a change in the weather
Change in the way the wind blows(x2)
Think im gonna change this hat im wearing
Buy myself some different clothes

Big ol raccoon in my garden
Big ol opossum in my yard(x2)
Think im gonna let them critters fatten up
In case the times get hard
I hate to see you cryin baby but you know
Its gonna be ok(x2)
Youve got to roll with them changes isnt that
What you used to always say


My baby got a big dog and he dont like no one but me(x2)
You come pokin around her place
That old hound will put you up a tree
I used to rise up early just so i could lay back down(x2)
Id roll out of that rack about noon bout sun down id head to town


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