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Maybe it's you or maybe it's me, maybe it's just the weather.
I just can't decide i can't make up my mind,
Tomorrow seems like forever.
It's just a change of heart that's all it is,
It's just a change of heart that's all it is,
I'm just falling apart, as a matter of fact that is all it is,
That's all it is, that's all it is. just a change of heart
That's all it is.
Maybe it's time, it's maybe too late, i just can't believe it's over,
If you just walk away, turn your back on me now,
Tomorrow will be forever.
As the springtides shift the sands swelled by winter snow,
And the summer green melts to autumn gold.
I'm a man for every season but i live from day to day
Is that what you want? is that all you want?
Is that all it is?
At the end of the day please let me stay you know we belong together
I'll promise you now as i promised you then,
Tomorrow will be forever

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