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Like.. i had to do this cuz a lot of people said i've changed a lot of people say.. you know you ain't the same person you used to be, i mean i'm not, i'm notin the same place i used to be let me tell you bout it

(verse 1:)
Some people say i've turned hollywood
If i had a chance man i probably would
I thought y'all would be happy for me
But niggas hate it when you make it out the hood
I ain't scared to say i am a changed man
Shit i had to switch the game plan
From hangin in the trap, slangin with a strap
For three days straight same shirt and the same pants
They say never bite the hand that feeds you
But they didn't say that they would kill you with the same hand
I'm trynna tell you man i ain't playin
I was raised by some gangsters, everyday was gangland
Prince a lame nigga never
I don't take it personal i blame it on the devil
I've been through a lot you feel the pain in my records
Yeah i've changed, but i've changed for the better so

I told my momma i wasn gon' do this
Cause i'm just that real
You talkin' about real shit man
Real issues
It's all the same thing

(verse 2:)
Y'all call it changin', i just call it growth
Y'all the main reason that a nigga gotta smoke
I'm a prince, i can't see myself dying over dope shawty
I'm tired of going to jail lying under oath
I used to keep the work in the lining of my coat
I had the dubs and the dimes for the low
I used to get the whole thing for the 55
29 for the spliff or 25 for the o, oh
The hustler's still in my dna
If it wasn't for hip hop i don't know where i would be today
A couple years ago i got signed to good music
But trust me that wasn't my first time seeing ye
I remember taking trips to a-z
Now i'm in the same room with beyonc and jay-z
Cause i got a vision for the ghetto, k-p
Now i'm making money, money never made me, shawty

I grew up to this song right here man
You feel me?
Listen close...

(verse 3:)
People try to slander my reputation
Some of y'all should be sued for defamation
They say we living in the book of revelations
Y'all can go to hell cause heaven is my final destination
I've been made my reservations, so try praying for me shawty
Instead of hatin'
I'm out here by myself, trying to help the nation
I do it independently like the declaration
I don't do it for a profit i do it cause i'm a prophet
I'm an ivy league student born working on my doctorate
I do this for the group home and kids who are adopted
Cause ain't nothing sweet around here except for chocolate
Been a real nigga, i was never phony
In the church was the only time i gave a testimony
So if you hatin' on cydel, trust me i don't fault ya
If you feel what i'm saying shawty meet me at the altar like

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