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Born from the gudda ah mother was a dragga ah couldn't find your father but was raise from another,another,another,another and another,yeah you were a runner but never a stunner,you never learned and never when to school never knew your brother,sister,or causin,raised in the streets lived in the trash had to rob stores just to feed yourself,ran from the chops welfare uh life is real tough you a loner akon joining a gang thinking life would be cool drugs,alcohol dam you in heaven making your chedda life is real better,drugs in the hood everybody knows you,boys,girls,mothers,uncles everybody come to you,you the dog than you messed up with 2 kilo's in the boot judge gave you 3years but you doing 2 you were 18teen what a waste of time,the day you got you out you just wanna change your life goin back to the hood where's your dudes,drive by bullets on the block boom you even lost mickey what a good kid drug over dose died at 14teen yep.


Clean for two years you don't wanna go back you looking for a job at the same place you robed the man didn't know you cause you changed allot he gave you the job but the money ain't right you starting on monday ending on sunday working over time cause you renting a place your life is turning out good eating good food the fool with the suit that's the haters on the corner blast them all causing you making your money sniffing on the corner looking for a honey than you passed yours on a sunday morning goin to church than you found her in the door,excuse me miss i just passed you by the drive way can i speak to you but she never heard you than you went on but she came by the shop its a monday morning trying to get her number as she walking to you start to do your thing her name is tina looking like christina dam you never thought she would say yes to you but players get play

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