Paroles de Changing the world (rock this world)

Joivan Jimenez

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1. i wanna go where nobody else goes
I wanna do what you want me to do
I wanna say all the words in your heart
I wanna love like never before

2. i wanna rock, rock this world
I wanna win all these souls for you
I wanna scream of your unfailing love
I wanna serve like never before
Never before,
Never before,

3. i wanna reach up to the sky
I wanna fly like the eagles fly
I wanna see what you want me to see, i wanna move the way that you move
4. take my hands make them yours
Take my feet where you want them to go.
I give you me just as i am, take my life and make it yours.

I wanna rock rock, rock to your beat
I wanna move move, move to your need
I wanna love love, love the least of these

It's all about love (4x)

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