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Date de parution : 28/10/2010

Durée : 0:02:34

Style : Pop

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Do you speak english ?
Yes mad’moi-sell’!
Vous parlez anglais ?
Yes mad’moisell’ !… (pensez-vous !…listen ! listen to me !…écoutez !)
Roosbeef, beefteack, five-o’clock, pin-up girl, gentleman , zoronono, kalipéto.

Good morning !
Mad’moisell’ !
How are you ?
Very well !…
Good, good, good, good !
You and me,
Me and you,
Dit’s ! will you promenad’
With me ?
Yes ! yes !
I love you because you are beautiful
And you have a beautiful pullover.
Dits !… will you ?
Cigarette ?
Yes !…
O. k! (parlé)

Do you come with me
To the dancing ?
I dance very well
The english dance !
The fox, the blues, the tango, the bourrée !
The boogie, soronono, kalipéto, armoire à glace, velociped’, caoutchouc !

One, two three !
Charming dance
You pin-up,
Me pin-up,
Fifty-fifty, half and half !
My darling,
Dit’s ! will you
Drink a glass
Of whisky ?
Yes !… hep !… barman !
Then after dancing we’ll take the tramway
For promenad’ to the trafalguar square.
Well’ go to
The corner
And kiss me.
It’s all right
And let’s go ! (it is in the pocket)

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