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Cirith Ungol

pochette album Chaos rising
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Date de parution : 05/11/2007

Durée : 0:08:42

Style : Rock

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The doomed one's fallen armies, sound the tolling of the bell
While sin and death stand silent guard outside the gates of hell
He slowly spreads his leather wings and soars above the land
He strokes his pointed beard and casts an evil eye toward man

Unchains the dogs of chaos to complete his evil chore
To make the cringing herd of man, his thralls by right of war
They gorge on fatal fruit, taste of dust and bitter ash
While fire burns in heaven and immortal forces clash

The smell of burning brimstone, lightning flung from golden hands
To rule without a master is the only dream of man
As they swap our souls among them and prepare the final feast
Begin the war eternal, cast aside both god and beast

Moving toward the evil song that fate will sadly sing
How the pride of man has fallen, crowning lust their only king
Heaven screams in anguish and the world cries out in pain
Unleash the final terror, man begins his now doomed reign

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