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John Reuben

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I'll embrace dreams again when i can breathe again
And at that point i won't be needing them
It became clear to me that i was fighting a war i couldn't win
You don't make it on your own merit
Only royalty inherits the kingdom
And thats a system good intentions cant help
Your courage is not good here
So dont try to excel, what a sad day when you realize nothing can change
The revolution didn't leave you it never came.
There will be no parades no royal balls
Just long days topped off with last calls for alcohol
Go to sleep wake up and repeat the same routine
Smooth skin dressed with wrinkles and brown eyes with dark rings
And entertainers sing of extremes that don't exist for you and me
When real life is reality tv
No wonder our youth don't believe in anything
It's all a joke
There are no heroes just those of us with high hopes
It's just not that simple
I'm not tryin to save it all i just wanna create a ripple.
And even if one individual is affected
It's monumental with an unusual perspective
That's beautiful in essence
Traditional thinking won't suggest this
Is life really that precious? - well yes it is.
But there will be no celebrations or congratulations
No pat on the back, just your mind intact.
And the freedom to feel your heart beat at the speed of life
Go to sleep tonight knowing you did it right
And rest easy outside of a system that resents you
For not doing what they expect you to do
Psychologicaly weigh you down and then make the suggestion
That you get on a perscription to deal with your depression
Anxious, lazy, temperamental, obese
That's what money makers like to call a disease.
And they'll be looking for or creating new problems
With profitable solutions to solve them
But you won't get any better you'll just come back for more
Until your medicine drawer is filled with unreliable cures.
And that's the way of the beast i can't do nothing about it
I can shout it in a room that's crowded but i doubt it'd make a difference
So ignorance will be my disguise
'cause 21st century america likes its witchcraft civilized.

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