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Hiss Golden Messenger

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Date de parution : 09/09/2014

Durée : 0:04:47

Style : Alternative

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If there's an omen in the sky
If there's a darkness you don't recognize
Call on me in this world of woe
It's a long time

Quick to lose and hard to gain
All i've got to give you are these songs i sing
So tell me true: ain't that enough?
It's a long time

But at the moment the sun is shining right on me
And the road is shimmering in the haze
Oh ione, your daddy's just as dark as can be
But i can be your little rainbow too

I've been the last
I've been the first
I've read the book chapter and verse
I've lived through times when almost wasn't good enough
It's a long time

I've been bound
And i've been free
I've split the road beneath my two feet
I've heard laughter like coins in a cup
It's a long time
It's a long time

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