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Music: hertrich/darkseed
Lyrics: hertrich
Leaves by night and day
Webs with color grey
But she still delights
Mirrors magic sights
Whn the moon was overhead
The red-crossed knight forever kneeled
Like the branch of stars we see
She loosed the chain, down she lay
The broad stream brought her far away
I am a part of all she met
Rivers drowning lands
Gleams untravelling hands
Wandering if i might
From morn to night
'cause i grew both deaf and blind
Damned to win, unskilled to find
Dark sheres no ship's ever seen
The leaves upon her falling light
Ere she reached upon the tide
Singing in her song she died
Hold me - to reach heaven from hell
Leave me - from cold eyes farewell
Hold me - in sounds royal cheer
Leave me - leave my palace here
When we fall, when we fall
Below cold thunder's upper deep
When we fall, when we fall
Her eyes so hard beneath the sea
When we fall, when we fall
Subdue me to the useful good
When we fall, when we fall
To drown in sadness brotherhood

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