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Date de parution : 23/10/2007

Durée : 0:01:3

Style : Alternative

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(freddy:) look, charlie, all i'm saying is, she's nothing special. well, i see ten girls a day just like her out on the thoroughfare.
(charlie:) well, i don't think there's any girl out there like elizabeth. and even if there were, well, how would i find her?

How're you going to find another lady friend;

One who'll make you smile?
Think of every moment of the time you'll spend
Together all the while.

Dancing and singing,

Laughing and kissing
Just think of all the fun you'll be missing, boy,
Until you find your girl.

(charlie:) well gee, freddy, i never thought of it that way. hey, i got to go!
(freddy:) hey charlie, slow down! where you rushing off to?
(charlie:) i'm going to go and find me one of them "new girls." how many did'ya say there was? ten?
(freddy:) that's right. but say, charlie, how long you gonna be gone?

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