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Curtis Curry

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Verse can't block this but i'm trying
Something that can't be define
I don't fall asleep at night
Cannot get my thoughts set right
Deep down i know this is love
Can't be swept under a rug
I'm being different now
My head is high like a cloud

Found a sexful man
He makes me feel very proud
Imagine the looks we'll get
When they flip out at his style

There's nothing more i can say
Sexyful dude made my day
Just check him out and see why
Don't want others to apply
Will not share him with no one
This will make me very dumb
No, i will not like this deal
So i'm making this revealed


Truly you're the perfect one
No need me having a gun
No more street gangs for me
But it won't be easy to leave

How could there be all this trust
Could be thown under te bus
Could you prove all of us wrong
Might be a game of ping pong
Happen fast wouldn't you say
Surely you are not being played
Shouldn't you give this more time
To put some good thoughts in line


(chorus)) (twice)

Adlib : the dude is out of sight
Rest assure he's a delight
Guy almost took my breath
Like to see him in the flesh


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