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Give me an l - lithium, give me an n - nitrogen, give me a c - carbon, give me a ch - chlorine, give me an h - hydrogen, give me an o - oxygen, s-t-b-l-l-i-s

Chart of the elements

The chart, hung on the wall of the school - learn every element, the golden rule
Written in stone, we were told it was true - to question it would make you look like a fool

A shocking discovery was recently made, some facts were messed up on the chart we obeyed
An error was found in the weights of these ten, so tear down the chart - let's start over again

God lives, god is truth, god breathes, god is truth
God loves, god is truth, god lives, god is truth

Lattice energy, orbital properties, allotropes, isotopes, vaporized particles
Lattice energy, orbital properties, allotropes, isotopes, covalent radius

Chart of the elements

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