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Frank Zappa

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Frank zappa (vocals, piano, bass, drums)

Charva, i loved you
I loved you through and through
I loved you since in grammar school
When we were sniffing glue
I loved you purty baby doll
And i don't know what in the world
To do about it

Charva, my darling
The only love i had
I hope you will forgive me dear
For punching out your dad
I loved you, i loved you
And i don't know what in the world
I'm gonna do about it


I remember, remember the junior prom
And i remember the time i broke your father's arm
And i remember, remember all the love we shared
Every place and everywhere

Oh charva, charva
I love you more and more
I swear it aint because your father owns a liquor store
Charva, my baby
I love you and i don't know what to do about it
Oh-oh charva
Oh-oh charva
Come back my little darling charva
I love you so much honey
Come back to me charva
Please charva, please come back to me
I miss you so much

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