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Jack Davis And Crossbite

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Date de parution : 16/06/2011

Durée : 0:05:08

Style : Rock

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Spent the day chasing floaters
That travel 'round my eye
Some escaped into the ground,
Others ran into the sky

So i left and i followed one,
A very indistinct path
It showed me open windows,
But i could not find the math
To pass through any too bad,
For i glimpsed what i might find
Something else, unpredicted
By my calculating mind

No invisibility
Is conceivable just yet
Pretend it never happened,
So much easier to forget
And focus on distractions,
The illusion of control
The comfort of assumptions,
Make believe i've seen the whole

But the call, it is relentless,
Voices from the other side
You can kind of fool yourself,
But impossible to hide

It'll get you in the end,
Caught in either life or death
And you just may realize,
As you draw that final breath,
That the end is nowhere near
And escape cannot be found
By departing this here life
Or abandoning the ground

In death, as you find right now,
False promises can't compare
You cross over that river
And find yourself waiting there

So keep on chasing floaters
Trust your instinct once again
The unexplored horizons,
Answers, questions lie within

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