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Emerson Windy

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Am i
Am i
What i am is whatchu ain't
All y'all nigga make believe all youbitches fuckin fake
Am i
Am i
What i am is whatchu ain't
While y'all niggaz chasing dreams i'm chasing hate
I'm chasing hate i'm chasing hate
I'm chasing hate i'm chasing hate i'm chasing hate

Verse 1
Some niggaz hate they haters but no not windy
These haters doing weedman a favor, these haters my motivation
When they at the crib in they bedroom or they car along they flip the the dial and put windy on and wanna give the kid a standing ovation
One thing that true these haters are my biggest fans
You mad at windy why? cuz i'm the fuckin man!
I'm the man you wish you could be but you can't
Got my name all in your mouth like dick nigga how's it taste?!
I'll runyouhaters down like i'm usain bolt
You love me so much you hate me you wanna cut your throat
I'm bout to blow up real big if you mad at that nigga watch this

Repeat chorus

Verse 2
If anything that windy said kinda piss you off,
You a hater on my dick would you please get off (dick ridin windy)
Windy let them haters hate
Windy boy no change i do thang the windy way oooow
If i had one cent for every time a hater hate, i'd have enough money to buy my way into the the pearly gates
I'd have more money than that nigga bill gates
Windy chasing hate mufucka make my day
I love when all the hate comes in
I put the shit in lotion and rub it on my skin
(oil of lahate)
Damn that shit feel real good, send me some more
I'm gon' rub it in real good

Repeat chorus

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