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Machine Gun Kelly

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Imade up my mind
Dont need to think it over,
If im wrong iam right.
Dont need to look no further
This aint lust, iknow this is love
Should igive up? or should ijust keep chasin' pavements?
Even if it leads no where.
Or would it be a waste, even if iknew my place?
Should ileave it there?
Should igive up?
Or should ijust keep on chasing pavements (x3)
(verse 1)
Fall asleep until the dream comes
Motherf**k reality
Happiness- ithink ineed some
So ioverdose on fantasy
My life's equation aint complicated
Just a combination of hated and denominated as stated
No rest, plus the cess and abuse to prescription meds
Times stressed, equals out to be the motherf**king mess that is....kellz
The boy with no home

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