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Date de parution : 15/01/2008

Durée : 0:06:16

Style : Rock

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Waking up to face another nightmare day
Blood drips from the mouth, my teeth decay
Deep depression is coming on fast
Got to get me my crystal breakfast
High, chasing the high
Die, chasing the high
High anxiety, panic setting in
Will do anything to get the sin
Sunlight burning my eyes, gotta fill the need
Methaphetamine, it's time to feed
High, chasing the high
Die, chasing the high
Dying to feast
The monster is fed

Call for the priest
One more is dead
The chemical injection, rushing through the vein
Speeding up the system and burning up the brain
Powered and invincible, the pain is at an end
High above, so beautiful, the demon rides again
Time i get high
Time i get high
Cycle starting over but it's too late
Try it just one time, it seals your fate
Deadly consequences, you can't go back
Life is gone, a heart attack
High, chasing the high
Die, chasing the high
Chasing the, chasing the, chasing the high

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