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Shout Out Louds

pochette album Chasing the sinking sun
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Date de parution : 26/02/2013

Durée : 0:03:48

Style : Alternative

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One word, one way
One turn, one word to say
One love, one way
One turn, one more then to say?

I remember the color of gray
And the smell of the wet streets after a summer rain
Oh the summer rain
Wash my troubles away
Wash my troubles away

I hear music coming from a house
Just around the corner from where i stand
Voices pouring out of the windows in the ground
Im still waiting for that song, it will come

We were here
That i know
We lost our minds here
Long ago
Climbed the fence
Got caught on the ground
And let them know
Were not all still around

Im still chasing the sinking sun
Come on sunset, come down now
Its about time i
Turned this place into a ghost town
And anywhere i go there is no one



This old heart and this old town
I listen to them talking about you sometimes


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