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Paisley Brain Cells

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He was born in the middle of a raging storm
They held him by the fire just to keep him warm
The cheakamus wind was driving through the snow
So his daddy said we'll call this boy "cheakamus joe"
He grew up in the forest with no shoes on his feet
The meanest little kid that you'd ever meet
The only friend he had was a black-eyed crow
But everybody knew about cheakamus joe
He wrestled to the ground a grizzly bear
Chewed of its head and shaved off its hair
He took the skin to town and he put it on show
And the legend was started 'bout cheakamus joe
Every so often he'd come into town
Raise a lot of hell and then he'd be gone
People always asked me "hey where does he go"
I said "you better not mess with cheakamus joe"
One day a man went missing named cheekye jim
They found his body torn apart from limb to limb
They dragged me into court and said "hey what do you know?"
I said "i think somebody fucked with cheakamus joe"
The mounties hunted joe for nearly a year
But he slipped away every time that they drew near
They caught him in a canyon where the wind don't blow
And that's where they hung poor cheakamus joe
So when you hear it, and you don't know
You hear the wind but the wind don't blow
And when the wind blows and it moves your soul
You're listening to the voice of cheakamus joe

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