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Deborah Allen

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Date de parution : 19/08/2014

Durée : 0:04:

Style : Country

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Cheat the night

(deborah allen - rafe vanhoy)

The sun is going down now sinking like my heart
Nights are getting longer now that we're apart
Darkness is a prison that holds me with your memory
This time i'm getting out before it comes and turns the key

I'm going to cheat the night
So i can make it until the morning's light
Cheat the night

So i'm dusting off my courage painting on a smile
Gonna try to find somebody to hold me for awhile
I don't need the moon reminding me that you're gone
Even if i'm lonely alone

Maybe if the evening provides me with somebody new
I can make them think i'm finally getting over you
I can cheat the night
So i can make them think i'm doing alright

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