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Pete Rock And Cl Smooth

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Check it out
Check it out
Check it out

We go back and forth, sending this out to my people up north
Tell 'em if you ain't from new york, you're soft
Box or throw rocks, fish or cut bait
'cause i fight great but wait

Here's the hottest joint on lockdown
Ready for release what they call a masterpiece
Covers are blown, known for keeping shit lethal
'cause now i'm like water on the desert for you thirsty people

What's the fixation with all this artillery?
Now you catch a look, saying, "who are you to question me?"
Giving the signs from enemy lines, taking care of my biz
Is how you found out, wayne's world was never his

See my pen holds strong for all my cookies in mink
We call all types of bitches running out of ink
Later for tricky mind, avoid like suama
But i don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind

Check it out
Check it out
Check it out

You know it's my thing, get your bell rang
By the meccafied slang, the jack of all trades
Couldn't even gang bang and niggas can't hang
With so many styles, you'd swear the shit was out of wu-tang

But the samurai, cl smooth i
Be slicing, dicing you down when the mic is around
I rebound like oakley when you provoke me
This is the chocolate thai, be careful how you toke me

I razzle dazzle your fragile ass until you pay homage
To the man i plan is holding all the knowledge
In five minutes of funk off my tongue, read the label shown
Is it pete rock or oliver stone?

Still the same, they remember my name
Kind of reminds me of when rocket ismail played for notre dame
Invincibility with no vulnerability
Selling more than gold with the killers on my payroll

Check it out
Check it out
Check it out

You'd better watch your step, known for the rep
Of being real and can't accept jealous brothers and others
Who can't relax with pep and if it was the playoffs
Your ass would get swept and kept on stash

The tango & cash competitors bow
'cause i would think we all know who the don is by now
Making loot at the pace of a horse race
Now once again my friend, the great paperchase

Here's a taste of life in the fast lane
Now house full of chicks, he's stripping off the don p
With the profound sound, i ride swoops like a hawk
And can only bring the essence of new york

It's the vernonville daddy, can you comprehend?
How some real live niggas set a new trend
Of being so blasted, smoothest prophets to the brain cell
While i bid you all a farewell

Check it out
Check it out
Check it out

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