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Johnny Winter

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Well, listen now what i say,
This ol' game of love is easy to play,
There's only one way to see...what the
Future will hold,
You better - check out her mama before
You get bold

Check out her mama, before you say i do;
Check out her mama 'cause' jus' between me
And you;
Unless her mama is fine, you better take
Your time;
She's gonna look jus' like her mama on
Down the line.

Now, you think you've found the girl of
Your dreams,
Well, pretty things aren't just what they
'f you wanna see - what the future will
You better - check out her mama before
You get bold.


(solo guitar for 2 choruses (chorii?))

Now, don't get in a hurry 'cause this ain't
No race.
And don't get taken in by a pretty face.
You know that beauty is only skin deep,
So play your cards right or a sweeter (?)
Man be.

Refrain (except with ... if her mama
Ain't fine you better take your time...)

(take it out with soloing)

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