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The Noisy Freaks

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Date de parution : 17/02/2014

Durée : 0:03:48

Style : Electronic

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Girl wanna sing? don't want to school.
You wanna play, there's no one, fool.
We warn you now, to come alone
I guess it's true, don't give up long
You miss a call, can't keep us down
So take a look, around the town
We are the best, we want it loud
We're on the crest, we'll show them how

You are too old, go lie in shit,
Give ben a cold, go inner strength
We'll burn it down well rob your house
From thousand down on breaking tears

You feel alone, you've got it down
You hear the song, it doesn't sound
You shake it all, work through it in
You've lost your soul, been traced with fear
You fear us, scope, don't see us here
This is a song, this is a cheer
We are the best, we want it all
We're on the crux, we'll show then how.

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