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I've seen a ruined castle on the hill with a big green dome
She was up in the tower and waiting for the right time

A burning flag that i held in my hands
We don't need any weapons, as we lie in the grass
This is a chemical war, but no one knows
What shall become of it all?

Don't hurt me, just love

The rules are changing day to day
It's not enough to be wise, to be fair
No need to say it out loud, it's plain to see


Get your feet on the ground. you're not a saint
You'll curse me one day and i will do the same
Leave your shackles on me
People around us may say what they want

The ocean is swelling but you stay on the shore
On noah's ark i never truly felt alone
Should i jump, should i jump into the deep?

Don't hurt me, just love

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