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Ai Otsuka

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Since when have we lost
The wonderful things that we need somewhere?
I fear the connection to (your) heart
And i burned myself with my body
During those days (when) i (lied) everyday about my fear
You were already in my heart

If we can think deeply
That someday time will end here,
I thought that i will always love you
And i'll be holding out my hand (to you)

Love is such a scary thing
That's why we run away as we search for it
It no longer has anything to do with being an adult or a child

This feels just like it's my first love
So much so that i feel like it must be fate
Not even in my dreams do i feel
The way i do when we hold each other

If we can't meet each other,
I couldn't laugh this way (like when i'm with you)
This year, the happiest thing is
Being able to be by your side

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