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Tanya Stephens

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Who do you call at 2 in da morning
When you're feeling lonely and got
No friends

Where do you go when you run out
Of places and the walls of your dreams come crashing in

What do you do when you've used all your vices and your only choice is packing it in

Who wants to know that your life is a crisis cause you're paying the prices for living in sin

Nobody wants to know if you're feeling down in the dumps

You climb all the way to the top floor but you cant even get up the guts to jump, no

Cherry brandy (hennessey and red
Bull) comes in real handy (johnny
Walker blue baby)

Vodka wine and whiskey (swig another mouthful)

Go down fine (grab another 'q' baby)

If i get lucky (if jack daniels got you turning)

Maybe i'll make it to 40 (stagger to
The loo baby)

But happy still ain't no friend of mine (let it out, you'll be fine)

Where do you go when your world turns sour and every hour just brings more pain

Who wants to know that you're crying a river happens over and over and it's all the same

What do you do when you've given your heart and it's torn apart and thrown back in your face

Who wants to know that your life is open and words are spoken that you cant erase

The world always looks better after i've put down a few

Though we're not together, when i'm stoned i'm lying next to you

Everybody calls me just another drunken slob
But i see your face in every glass of wine i've had

Since you no longer think of coming around

Nothing wrong wit me drinkin and coming around

Still got hopes of seeing you again but until then

Well if me drinkin is a problem, f' u then
Me best friend a mr. wray and him nephew dem

And if some heineken a freeze me haffi rescue them

When it comes to 'passing the bar'

I'm not the best student no

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