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Date de parution : 02/12/2010

Durée : 0:04:23

Style : Rock

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(verse 1)
Cherubs scream "oh yes, he's the fall man" harbor him to de-spoil it.
Fill the void, sanctify the noise, peel and bleed my sore

So wake yourself up, you can't deem me.
Your pissed fake sympathy
When i feel like you do... breathe like you do...
Opposites feed the whole.

(verse 2)
Dreams of fancy fuels up the home stand, starving swine
Kills the boar freely.

Baleful crux left raw, geno-overhaul,
Ripping gold from the tooth that made you

What you are! a falling star! be a man not a god!

Yeah i feel like you do... reminisce like you do...
Differences feed the whole.

Still not can't touch thats wrong!
Still i bleed the way you do.
Born a creep... cherubs ghost that's lost!
Still i feel the way you do.

Shadows came through
Splinted faith grew
I'm not sane, people say;
Why a twisted life comes so easily.
Eyes closed... eyes sowed...
I'm not great, still ok, watching out what's best for me

You can feel me now...rott!!!

(chorus 2)
Steered away... you ca''t crush thats wrong!
Still i bleed the way you do.
Torned and shamed...cherubs ghost thats lost!
Still i feel the way you do.

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