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Guided By Voices

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Date de parution : 18/06/2002

Durée : 0:02:58

Style : Rock

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Cheyenne - the face of pride never died
Cheyenne - the true blue water
Cheyenne - i celebrate for you and i
Sifting through the pieces of the broken prize

Cheyenne - i'm sending out satellites
Cheyenne - i'm hovering quite largely
Cheyenne - in paradox in suicide
Cheyenne in white

And if an innocent minute lives for the light
The time is right
Define a line
To hold back the night - inside
A single glimpse of purity
In a flickering light
Cheyenne sees right

Cheyenne - a drama not acted out
Cheyenne - in destiny stay gazing
Cheyenne - in witnessing if i'm to miss
Cheyenne in white

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