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Katie Got Bandz

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Hundred goons shoot hundred tools
Night groom for i let it boom
Bitches greedy, i do you greasy
If you make a move, put them on the move
Bitches hate me, tryna stunt my groove
They know how i do, this is nothing new
Hit the club, pop a lot of bottles
Throw a lot of dubs just something to do
They know how i'm rocking
Steady fendy copping, swag, bottle rocket, that's a prada shoe
Katie cool, so you fronta move now they bussing tools and you on the news
Late night, hit a block cruise, i ain't got it on me, you a fucking fool
Jump shot, let us top ooze then dip move to the spot cool
I ain't worry about no op nigga
Slide down then pop niggas
Bitches feeling like they fucking with me
Gotta keep my distance like they out to get me
Small circle ion fuck wit many
Got a small semi if a bitch offend me
Chasing cash, gotta get dollars
Why the call me bandz 'cause i'm getting plenty
Bitches must got a death wish
And i grant those, i'm a soul stealer
Flexing on me with a new bag i be on my body, on my all niggas
Everybody on my heal clickers and i don't really even know niggas
But flexing on me, that'll get you hit
For i catch you lackin dem poe niggas
Super thirties that's soap niggas
I'm dc going vogue, niggas
Tired of talking, gotta show niggas you in chiraq and this my city
Know a couple hitters that's down to ride
Shots fired, that's a homicide
On the grind like a 9 to 5 but i keep on that nine , tryn stay alive
Niggas thirsty and these bitches greedy
They wanna be me, i ain't even lyin
Chiraq make a drilling noise, you end up dead tryna play with mine