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Sasha Go Hard

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Fuck could you say bout me?
Bitch i'm the shit.
Talk about money, you broke as a bitch.
Head to the toe, it's designer and shit.
Sasha can blow and be handling shit.
Ain't no competing, i'm winning, i'm gone.
Chiraq my city, i'm in it, i'm home.
One day i might feel like getting da zone.
Take off like rova though what is a rome.
Bitch i could do it.
When will you do it.
Yo nigga not shit, don't be mad cause you knew it.
Niggas is dirty, i live in them sewers.
I cut so much money, it's funny i threw it.
All of a sudden these bitches is thuggin'.
They harder then niggas but swear they ain't gay,
Fresh than a fish _____
Solo i come and solo i stay.
Too much to handle these niggas can take it.
Wouldn't give him the point if the nigga was platin.
Feed em my cake, you can leave it or take it.
Everyone know me, hoe face it i made it.
How you gone lie me whole sons you be playing.
Sweet. in my lirish you, you know what i'm saying?
Eatin rap bitches, i'm seeing rap bitches be snaking, so please stay the fuck out my face.
I do not tolerate bitches that hate.
Can't see them, i got too much cake in my way.
Don't think that i'm having a sweet like a cake.
Run up get done up, girl stay in yo place.
Peepin' your nigga he hot, he could get it.
Got some to say? you could book it or spit it.
I would not know bitches, bitches is buzzing.
Same boy you loving, he sucking my cousin.
When you start moving opponents go soft.
Watching you, claiming yo niggas they false.
Been through this shit, this the realest i'm told.
Niggas done lost it i think it's my fault.
Let them close, i didn't see a thing.
Take em away from me, play with my bank.
Had to get out of that job in a blink.
I live and i learn. no t in my rank.
Decisions i made, put me in a place.
I can pop out, look as sharp as a blade.
Start from the bottom, i'm bad as a model.
You get em' i got em', talk crazy i block em'.
Either way me and mez gone eat.
I was born in a field where you couldn't sleep.
I came up as the bitch, bitches couldn't beat.
If you ain't spittin' heat off the damn beat.
All of this hatin' got me feeling like i done already made it.
These bitches go crazy for niggas that's eating, not knowing he already ate it.
As long as i'm living, my plan is to get so fuck off, and fuck you haters.
Don't want it so easy, the money is moving.
I rather just get up and chase it.
One day i might feel like getting the whip, and get gone like a ghost.
Those who be rocking, will come to a show get a pic, just to show that we close.
All of this beefing, you can tell they ain't eating.
I'll sit back and laugh at the joke.
This shit is so funny, i will never be done.
There's no front you won't see sasha low.

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