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Escape Directors

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Date de parution : 03/06/2010

Durée : 0:03:51

Style : Rock

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I'm heading down to mexico
In a stolen car from chicago
And i don't think i'll ever make it back

They claimed i shot a man up there
In a drunken bar, smoke in the air
But i've never even met that man before

Don't runaway, you've got bills to pay
And a family to protect from the law
But i must move on or else i'm gone
My family will be fine without me here
They don't need me anymore

I read the ginsberg apathy
And drank like charles bukowski
But never lived a life on the run

Oh it's scary here on my own
Fleeing death on the open road
I hope i make it out alive

I made it to the border
A fugitive of fame
A half a tank of gas to my name

A family in the states
I never will forget
But i don't think they even know my name

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