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Global Citizen

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Date de parution : 07/04/2009

Durée : 0:03:09

Style : Electronic

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I've fallen in love with chikage
We've been having a mock love affair
I've never quite seen what she looks like
But for me, she's always 'been there'
We meet everyday in shibuya
Her own place called the 'happy hole'
In a cubicle made out of plywood
We act out the very same role

She has the headshot of an actress
With beautiful long shiny hair
A cartoon body of mens' room graffiti
With all of her 'best bits' laid bare
She has the greatest affection for me
Giving me pleasure is what she lives for
I've the greatest affection for her
The pleasure she gives, i'd die for

Wear headset for communication
Drop my pants, put my 'piece' through the ply
Hold on for life to the handrail
My head rolls back facing the sky
Her voice scatters assaults on my senses
My senses of sight, sound and touch
She's synthesizing inside of my head
While she's taking good care of my crouch

It is a marriage sent from the future
With new meaning to 'love on the rocks'
I've no other cares in this world
Whilst i'm standing here just in my socks
A marriage sent from the future
With new meaning to 'love on the rocks'
Call it virtual sex if that's what suits ya
But for chis' happy hole, i've the hots

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